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Add color schemes from to Alteryx

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Add color schemes from to Alteryx

This module takes the color schemes from and adds them to a new xml file to be utilized as the ReportSettings.xml file installed with Alteryx. You can utilize the new color palettes under the Chart and Map tools.

The ReportSettings.xml file has the color palette definitions used by some of the reporting tools like Chart and Map. This file can be found in this directory \Program Files\Alteryx\bin\RuntimeData

Step 1

Open Alteryx > File > Import Package and select the folder to save the attached Alteryx Zip Package to. Once imported, open and run the module.  The module will save the new Temp.xml file to the same directory as your module.  If you wish to change just change the destination in the Output tool (at the end of the stream).

Step 2

Make a copy of your ReportSettings.xml file to keep it as a backup, then replace the original ReportSettings.xml with the newly created file.  Make sure your new file is named ReportSettings.xml. If your ReportSettings.xml is read only, right click on it > go to Properties and uncheck the Read-Only box.

Step 3

Close Alteryx, open it again and test by checking your thematic settings within the Map Tool. Now you will have many new palettes to choose from.

For the Map Tool: If you select a Thematic Field the Thematic tab becomes available, there select Unique Values, the Unique Colors will have all the new palettes.

For the Chart (Edit Chart Settings > Colors > Data Palette) and Charting tool (Legend, Data Layout, Color Palette)

The palette style editor after the change:

The Charting style:

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Creative Director

Thanks for this, @Cristian!