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Parallel Block - New Alteryx Version - Output in multiple sheet/same document

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HI all,


I have created an alteryx flow (using the old alteryx version) that extracts data on multiple sheets (on same excel document).

Those data are extracted on an empty template that is already created (only headers inside for each sheet).

So alteryx uses blob input/output to use this empty template and then by using parallel blocks it was outputting data sheet by sheet following the order based on the parallel blocks. 


After updating the alteryx flow, the flow broke, and the parallel block does not work anymore properly. Data are being extracted "aleatoire" without respecting the order.

Of course that creates the following issue: 


Output Data (931) Unable to open file for write: XXXXX  - Can't open file: XXXXXX : The process cannot access the file because it is being used by another process. (32)


I have noticed that for basic steps as for example the summarized tool, the output is not in an alphabetical /ascending order, everything is mixed up: (this is the output of the summary tool)

Olga_Kassapis_0-1666010623712.png Before the update of the version, i have a correct order on those numbers (ascending order).


Could be that something broke on my configuration.

Could you please help me solve this issue?


Thank you :) 



17 - Castor

@Olga_Kassapis with you mentioning that this has only started to occur since updating Alteryx, can you try turning the AMP engine off and seeing if that remedies the issue? The parallel block until done tool is listed as one of the tools which is affected by this:


You can do so by clicking in any whitespace on the canvas, navigating to the 'runtime' tab and unticking the highlighted box.




More info on AMP itself here:

5 - Atom

Oh thank you very much!! It worked :D

17 - Castor

No problem @Olga_Kassapis! Feel free to mark the solution so that others with the same issue can find it easily in future - I know this has come up a few times!


Additional suggestions can be found here:

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