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json payload with download tool

Alteryx Partner

Hey all,


Curious to see if anyone tackled this problem before.

I am trying to download data using the download tool. Authentication is succesfull, but i feel like the filters in my payload are being ignored. The data that is retrieved does not correspond to the filters I set.

When making the same request in Postman, I get the correct data. The problem might be that the Payload is in JSON format and that Postman is able to recognize this, whereas alteryx does not. When setting the payload as txt format in Postman, I get the same data as with the alteryx workflow. Does anyone know if there is a workaround for this, a way for the download tool to recognize the format? Or am I completely on the wrong track here?


Thanks in advance!



11 - Bolide

One of the earlier Challenges does something very like what you're trying to do with JSON data.  There are plenty of examples of how this was achieved, so those examples may help you :