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double-click from tool pallet

The following idea might not be as valuable as some of @SeanAdams posts, but it would save this user precious fractions of time.   When I leave the canvas with my mouse (point A) to go up to the pallet I select and drag the tool down to the canvas.  Sometimes I do right-click and go through the menus to add the next tool, but generally I go through that labor only when I'm inserting in-stream the tool.  So here is my idea:


Double-Click your NEXT tool and it "Alteryx-ly" appears on your canvas in proximity to the hi-lighted (last) tool.  Better yet, connect it!  Now I can move from the pallet to the configuration panel directly without having to move my mouse down to the canvas and then over to the configuration panel.


Hopefully, my friend @Hollingsworth will find this time-saving idea worthy of a star.  Speed demons like @NicoleJohnson and @BenMoss might not need this turbo boost, but at my age it is worth the ask.





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I have no issue with this being implemented but it just needs to be thought out properly and please make sure that there is an option in user settings to disable the feature as it does not seem like everyone would prefer this to be enabled globally. For sure, I know I would be disabling this feature in user settings. I would rather drag the tool to the correct anchor than click the anchor and then double-click a tool. It's a very minor time difference compared to just dragging the tool to the right anchor.

Status changed to: Accepted

Thank you for your feedback!


Our product team would like to include the double click tool palette functionality in an upcoming release. We'll update this idea again once we get close to the release of this feature!

6 - Meteoroid

This is a very good idea. In order to make it possible to connect to the right tool/anchor easier, after double clicking the tool, there could be two options (in User Settings): "Automatically Insert After Highlighted Tool" or "Select Which Tool to Insert After". If user chooses the latter, a "View Possible Connections" context menu could pop up, with a dynamic preview on the canvas regarding which tool the new tool would be connected to. For both options ("Automatically Insert After Highlighted Tool" or "Select Which Tool to Insert"), if the selected tool has more than one anchor, user could also select which anchor it would be connected to.