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Various functions

7 - Meteor



Please guide for the below functions to be used in Alteryx:


  1. Convert the numbers as Percentage format from numberic
  2. Wrap Text
  3. Merge & Centre
  4. Highlight the texts as as Bold, Italics, Underline, strike through, Font colour, Fill colour
  5. How to create a table
  6. How to use the sort tool
  7. Subtotal formula
  8. Find, Replace
  9. Rename the sheets.

I am also attaching the data to be worked on for your reference.





Hello @NehaNevrekar,

Thank you for your contribution to the Community!


The Alteryx Community is here to assist you with questions, issues and ideas. We ask that you attempt to build the workflow on your own as a first step. If you encounter specific issues or errors along the way, the Alteryx Community is here to help! A great place to get started is within the Academy, Getting Started Learning Path.



Community Moderator
12 - Quasar

Hi, @NehaNevrekar 


Looking at your list, if you search for each of these items in the Community Search Box "Search the Community", you will find plenty of existing solutions that you can leverage.


Alternatively, kindly click on the Tools in the toolbar (for example the Sort Tool), and then click on "Open Example" and you will get meaningful examples.