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Using Text Input for a date Filter

7 - Meteor

Hello everyone!  I have an issue I need help with.  I run a workflow daily but it is only a monthly view.  Currently, there are multiple date filters that I use (> 2017-07-01, < 2017-07-01, etc.) but they are all based on the current month.  Is there a way to use a text input tool (or something else) where I can enter the date once and then use that as the date field for my filters or another way to dynamically change the date?  It should be that I need the date to change on the 2nd day of the month.



9 - Comet

Hey Allison, 


I believe what you're asking is to have all your filters go to the current month? If so, you can use something similar to the below in your Filter:

[Your Field] = DateTimeFormat(DateTimeFirstofMonth(), "%Y-%m-%d")

That should get you the first day of the current month in the format example you provided and you can switch the = for <,>,<= etc.


Hope this helps! 





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Attached an example of an app.

To execute it, you need to press the button selected.Capture.JPG






Is this what you are looking for?