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Unknown Values into Column Headers - Sorta Cross tab

7 - Meteor
Hello -

I am working on an app that will allow users to automatically run some complex summaries based on response data. Essentially I want to turn Exibit A into Exibit B. If the Value column always had the same values (in purple) this would be very straight forward, but they will be different from run to run (For this discussion lets assume Customers and Transactions will be the same for every run).

The headers need to cleanly reflect the value (purple) paired with the column (red)

Any ideas on how to go about this?

Exibit A          
  Group Value Customers Transactions  
  A ONE 2 3  
  A TWO 3 5  
  B ONE 5 8  
  B TWO 4 4  
  C ONE 2 3  
  C TWO 9 9  
  D ONE 8 9  
  D TWO 8 12  
Exibit B          
  Group ONE Customers TWO Customers ONE Transactions TWO Transactions
  A 2 3 3 5
  B 5 4 8 4
  C 2 9 3 9
  D 8 8 9 12
Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

Try using both a Transpose and Cross Tab Tool.  The image below demonstrates using your example in a Text Input Tool:
rtaImage (2).png

7 - Meteor
I cannot thank you enough! This did exactly what I need to do and I'll be able to apply this new knowledge in many places. Have a wonderful day :-)