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Troubleshooting: ERROR: "Input Data (1) CSVFile: A field was missing a closing quote in record" when reading CSV files and using the AMP engine




Error reading CSV files using AMP Engine

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  • Alteryx Designer
  • Version 2020.2



No error if  you don't use the AMP Engine. It doesn't happen with all CSV files. 




Error is displayed when reading CSV files with carriage return in it. The carriage return is in a string that represents a field surrounded by quotes.



There are new options in the Input Tool when using the AMP Engine. The Input tool needs to allow newlines in quoted fields:

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Scanning for newline characters within fields within a buffer of text requires single-threaded reading. By default, we consider any line break to be a new record so we can perform multi-threaded reading. Checking the config option in the screenshot resolves the issue. AMP will perform a single-threaded read.

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