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Text to rows - every other word

6 - Meteoroid

Hello all,


I'm working on a word cloud of common issues so have 30,000 or so descriptions of user issues.


It was easy enough to split into single words with a \s delimiter on the text to columns but I'd now like to split every two words (if easy enough I'd like to do every 3 words and so on).


Is there a way to do this with the default text to column tool ? I've tried \s(.*)\s as my delimiter but no luck.



16 - Nebula
16 - Nebula

While I expect you could come up with a convulted RegEx to do this (easy enough if you dont care about losing last word), I suggest:




Split into rows word by word

Then use a multi-row formula tool to create a row id

Summarise the words back together.


This is then easy to adjust words per row by just amending the Multi Row formula


Sample attached

6 - Meteoroid

Worked a charm, thanks!