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Teradata Bulk Load Connection - LDAP Support

Our Terdata environments use LDAP authentication and we really need the Teradata bulk load connection in Alteryx to support this feature with Teradata. ODBC works fine with LDAP but Bulk Load Connection doesn't.


Alteryx Development has confirmed this is currently not a feature and also has put this into their backlog.




Thanks for posting this Idea, Arnold!


This is in our backlog and will be prioritized based on demand.


All, please star or add comments if it's something you're interested in!

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Status changed to: Under Review
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a must while working with Telcos and Banks... I presume

Status changed to: Implemented
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What a good news...

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Since this was completed, what version of Alteryx was this change applied to?


Edit: Never mind. I see it in ver 10.5

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I am unable to find the Teradata Bulk Load connector, is it in the new beta version.

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I'm using version 10.6.8 (64 bit) under the Database Connection using the input tool or you can use the Connect in-DB tool but youll need to have established a connection first.