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Temporary Directory Save Option



Did you know that instead of having to choose a save location in the Output Tool, you could leverage the directory that is used to save your temporary files?


This can be handy if you are running chained apps locally or have macros that have a file output process. To use temporary space instead of actually writing out a file to a specified location. All you have to do is add the following onto your file name: %temp%..\Output.yxdb. Once you run your workflow you can navigate to your temporary directory (which can be found in System Settings->Engine->General->Temporary Directory) to view your saved file.




The same path you used in the output tool can be used in an input tool to read in the file that is saved to the temporary directory.

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Am working on building chained apps. So how often the temporary storage gets cleaned by alteryx? 


I have build a process that will output files, images as part of reporting. I don't want to save these files but instead use these files for the next app to process - say email them. I would like to know if we need to manually monitor/manage this temporary storage or it will be taken care by the Suite itself? 


Hi @Raghu_s!


Further info on the Temporary Directory as well as Temporary files can be found in the Designer help here -





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Thanks @MikeA