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Summing by Disctinct Time Ranges

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I'm trying to create time intervals to group concurrent user data. I have data on the start time hour and end time hour with the sums of users that match both criteria. The start time of January-01 00:00, for example, has record counts that match with 00:00, 01:00 and 02:00 end times. My required output are "Hour Start" and "Hour End" columns organized into 1 hour intervals.


Current Output 


Hour Start             Hour End              Sum_Concurrent Users
January-01 00:00 January-01 00:00 8
January-01 00:00 January-01 01:00 76
January-01 00:00 January-01 02:00 6


Desired Output


Hour Start             Hour End              Sum_Concurrent Users
January-01 00:00 January-01 01:00 ___
January-01 01:00 January-01 02:00 ___
January-01 02:00 January-01 03:00 ___

Alteryx Certified Partner
Alteryx Certified Partner

@iuduebo ,


if you first convert your text date start and stop to the format of:  YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM:00


 you can use this macro to create every minute records in the range.!app/Generate-Date-Rows/5e31f42a826fd30ffcbf2c14  


Now you can join to the table 1 data.  This will cause your range to be on each joined record. Now you can simply use a summarize tool to group by your range and SUM the values. 




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