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Spiderweb Polygons

6 - Meteoroid
I'm trying to take a polygon radius and break it into its 8 components parts based on cardinal direction so that I ended up with 8 polygons.  So far, I've taken my polygon, done a poly split to points and got the distance and cardinal direction.  I then used the poly build grouping by the distance.  However, I end up with little slivers between each polygon.  Does anyone have an idea on how to fill in those holes?

Alteryx Alumni (Retired)
Hi Todd,

Once you split a radius into points, there is a chance that the points that were split ended up a little farther apart from each other than hoped.  When using the Poly Build tool, if those points are farther apart you will see the slivers.

Try using the Smooth Tool located in the Spatial tool category.  This will smooth out your radius to a user specified setting, effectively creating more points to split apart.  

I tested using a 5 mile radius.  When splitting to points without any additional tools, I ended up with 101 individual points.  When adding a Smooth Tool, setting Smooth to Super Smooth, the maximum radius to .0001, and using the defaults for the rest, I end up with 242 points.  

If this is still not enough, try using the Buffer Tool to add a little bit more to your polygons.