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Size Limit

6 - Meteoroid



I am using summarize tool to concatenate Email ids, but some of my fields are getting truncated due to length. 

Character length is 299. I tried using other datatypes like VW_String and WString but facing same issue. I have kept size limit as 10000 for V_String. Please help. Thanks!


Concatenate Warning.JPG

5 - Atom

Field limits are typically in place for a reason, with this as what I assume to be a primary reason. It looks like you are taking a well formed, easily consumable schema and creating a jumbled list of items which will most likely be parsed out at a later date. All critiques aside, I would suggest using the Tile tool to perform an 'Equal Records' tiling and then I would Cross Tab. Keep in mind this WILL NOT REMOVE FIELD LIMITS, but it will offer you an easy work-around. If you find that after the Cross Tab you still have concatenated records, positively increment your tile count.




17 - Castor
17 - Castor

Hi @varunamin2 


The message that you're seeing about the string being truncated only applies the display in the Results window.  The Results window only displays 256 characters to reduce memory use and display time.  The underlying data is not truncated.  You can see this if you attach a Basic Data Profile to the output of your Summary tool


Here's a long string I created as viewed in the Results window



Here's the output of the Basic Data Profile tool showing that longest value is 1392 characters long



The value is still there in its original form.  It's just a limitation of the Results window



6 - Meteoroid

Thanks Dan! Yes, its just the limitation of Result's window.