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Set the Execution order

5 - Atom

I am have some issues get the order of execution correct. I have 5 files that are read in using a Alteryx App., Later in the flow I ahve a run command that moves the files to an Archive folder. My problem is: Alteryx will archive the files prior to reading all of them in. Sometime I get lucky and this is not a problem, but when it becomes a problem, I need to know how to set a predecessor or a run order.


7 - Meteor
Can you use a chained app so 'on success' the second app will archive the files? or maybe insert a block tool before archiving? 
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Another option would be to use the Events and set your run command script to run after the module completes.  You can find the Events tab under Module properties:

rtaImage (7).png

Next, set your event to run after the module completes, or with or without errors:

rtaImage (8).png

Alteryx Certified Partner
Alteryx Certified Partner
I've run into the same issue with the Run Command Tool running out of the order I intend.

The solution offered by cmartin is great but if you are in a situation where the Run Command has to live inside of your module I have had success connecting a dummy input into the command tool and placing a Block Until Done in line.

In the picture below, the dummy input is just the first row of data peeled off of the data stream. I need my Run Command to execute after the .csv is written. The dummy input keeps it "in order" and the Block Until Done makes sure the file gets written before the stream continues.