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Sending emails with dynamic number of attachments

7 - Meteor

Hey guys - need your urgent help on this  


I have a list of clients that have a single or multiple reports to be attached in each email. 


Client A has 2 fullpaths (2 xls file)

Client B has 2 fullpath (2 xls file)

Client C has 1 fullpath (1 xls file)


What I did:


1. Summarize - group by client and concatenate fullpath.

2. Text to column - unconcatenate fullpath by 5 columns (as max reports are 5).

3. Autofield - everything.

4. Dynamic select - Null is represented as boolean. So I uncheck that. This will delete the null columns 3, 4, and 5. I am left with 2 columns: concat_fullpath1 and concat_fullpath2 (second pic below).

5. Email - I added concat_fullpath1 and concat_fullpath2 as attachment. I was thinking if either of the value is null then it probably won't attach anything. 


Now client A and B are ok because they have 2 attachments. 

Client C is giving the email tool an error because concat_fullpath2 is null. 


How can I avoid this?


Input.jpegDynamic Select.jpegEmail.jpeg

12 - Quasar

Hi, @Biko 


Hard to say without a workable sample file...

However, have you checked out this post in the Community?

If the resource works for you, please give credit to @MattD versus marking my response as a Solution.

Good Luck!

7 - Meteor

Unfortunately my company doesnt allow uploads and I don't have any windows laptop at the moment

Not sure how to provide you with the sample file. Sorry about that. 

7 - Meteor

@RNO2 - I think the solution is similar to this post However need to integrate it with multiple client level? Been tinkering but can't get it to work. Do you know have any idea?

7 - Meteor

After a day of tinkering using Claje's macro I was able to integrate to utilize it to my purpose. 

12 - Quasar

Just seeing this today @Biko 

Glad you were able to tweak it out.

Can you share conceptually what modifications you made?