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Sales orders with multiple Lines

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Hi All,


I am new to Alteryx and need some help with the following: I have Sales data with Order numbers. Each Sales number may have multiple lines. I am trying to join this with a Freight Table. I have the Delivery number that I am using to join the two. The problem is that each line item of the Sales table is been duplicated in the final data.


Is there any way to 1) summarize the totals and 20 count the number of line items on each Sales Order?


I have no idea which tool/tools to use.


Thanks in advance.

Alteryx Certified Partner
Alteryx Certified Partner

Hi @LynnH


You've said what tool you need to use in your question :)


It will be the summarize tool where you can group by a chosen field (e.g. Order Number) and then count the number of items in each order.


If you need me to send you a sample workflow, please upload a sample of the data.




Joe Lipski - Alteryx ⒶⒸⒺ
Javelin Group
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Thanks so much! All I had been previously using the summarize fucntion was to get totals. I figured out how to use it now.