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Rotate table header from Horizontal to Vertical(- 90 degree)

Hi All,


It would be so helpful in the table tool in Alteryx if we have feature like rotating table headers from horizontal to Vertical(-90 degree). It helps in formatting like it consumes less space when we have lengthy headers while putting multiple charts in a single slide of PPT.


Thanks in Advance!!

16 - Nebula
16 - Nebula

Hey @RakeshKoppuravuri


Is this something you could achieve by doing a transpose before the table tool?

Granted - there may be a use-case for building this kind of thing (Horizontal vs. Vertical layout of table) into the tool - but just to get you back on the road again?

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This would be very useful. I have run into a similar issue with the table tool.


I'm curious: are there any PCXML functions that can help accomplish this?