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Rolling up Weekends Numbers to Friday

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Is there a way we can roll up Saturday and Sunday numbers to Friday ? Following is the issue I am trying to solve .Thank you .



Alteryx Certified Partner
Hey @MD2050

You could update your workday column with the formula tool like so:

If workday in ('Saturday', 'Sunday') then 'Friday' else workday endif

Then use the summarize tool to sum value grouped by workday

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Hello Neil-

Thank you for reply. Please see attached my workflow , the issue is to retain the Friday's Date meaning 3/4,3/10 should be merged into 3/9. I cannot achieve that by Summarize tool. If you do a sum by Workday then yes I will get only Mon,Tues,Wed,Thu and Fri .

Thank you.

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Write a formula,

If Day = Saturday, Date minus 1

If Sunday, Date minus 2


And Summarize by Date.

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Hello @subbarao-

Thank you for your suggestion, it worked . Please find in attached the updated workflow for reference. 


Thank You.

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Hey @MD2050,

No problem, you can join back to your original data (after the summarize) using workday as the key field... This will give you the results you need