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Replace character with specific extension

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I am new to Alteryx and I have a situation that I have to replace a particular string with a country code.

For e.g We have AAPL.USD, NVDA.USD, BABA.CNY, WUBATZ.CNY. All the cells that have extension needs to be replaced by "US" and all the cells that have extension .CNY needs to be replaced with "CN".


I am currently using the following formula but it seems to not work correctly.


IF Contains([Code],"*.USD") THEN "US" ELSEIF Contains([Code],"*.CNY") THEN "CN" ELSE [Code] ENDIF


Please let me know if there is any better way to resolve this.

Alteryx Certified Partner
Alteryx Certified Partner

The Contains( function will only return 'true'/'false' when applied to a Boolean field. In the case of a string field, the 'true' condition is expressed as '-1'. Try this formula:


IF Contains([Code],".USD")=-1 THEN "US"
ELSEIF Contains([Code],".CNY")=-1 THEN "CN"

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Thanks Charlie. This worked.