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Repeating Static Values from another excel input

5 - Atom



I have a sample excel data set below:

Customer #NameAddress
1John123 Main St
2Joe321 Main St
3Alex456 Main St


I also have a static reference excel file with information that is specific to the above data set, but not specific to a certain customer.

Store CityBranch #


What is the best way to bring the static reference data and repeat it for each customer so the output is like the below:

Customer #NameAddressStore CityBranch #
1John123 Main StMiami501
2Joe321 Main StMiami501
3Alex456 Main StMiami501



Thank you!


13 - Pulsar

The Append tool does just that!  It adds all of the data from one set of data to every record in another set of data.  So yours would look something like the attached:


5 - Atom

Thank you!!