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Regarding the Smart Tile in the Blending Data tutorial (page 4)

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I'm making my way through the tutorial and in the Blending Data page, I don't understand how in step 3/4 the Smart Tile 'knew' to pick the 'Visits' field with no configuration necesary; likewise in step 7/8 it 'knew' to pick the 'Spend' field.

It wasn't luckily by alpha order - how did that happen?

Alteryx Alumni (Retired)
Hi Randy,

The Tile Tool will display numeric fields in order that they appear from left to right in the original file.  This is why you see 'Visits' before 'Spend'.  Likewise, in step 7/8, my version defaulted to 'Visits' again and I had to manually change it to 'Spend' since it appears later in the field order.  Thanks! 
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Thank YOU!