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Refresh Salesforce access tokens

I installed version 4.0.0 of the Salesforce Input tool since the old tool is deprecated. When I open a saved workflow that has Salesforce inputs, the inputs display an immediate error, for example "Error: Salesforce Input (95): 401 Client Error: Unauthorized for url:". The workflow will not run until I click into each Salesforce input and then click outside of it again to make it refresh, which takes a few seconds each time. I'm guessing this has to do with Alteryx saving an expired OAuth access token and trying to pull updated metadata.

7 - Meteor

I second this, very annoying having to click each input every time I want to run the workflow. 

7 - Meteor
I agree this needs to be fixed. If this will prevent a scheduled process from running this will be a significant problem...
8 - Asteroid

OMG this is very frustrating... Almost a year since first reported, this maybe a problem as my ORG is heavily using Salesforce and I am trying to hook Alteryx to it.



7 - Meteor
@bora_perusic I was provided your name in another related post. Do you have any information on updates being made to the Salesforce connector? This is still a major issue...

@dalym and all,

thanks for posting on the Community. We are currently re-thinking the way we handle OAuth credentials (among others) and we have a Salesforce connector update on our roadmap, but I cannot be more specific on the timing, depends on resources available and popularity of other ideas as well. We will be targeting second half of 2020, but, please, do not consider this to be any commitment or promise