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Query Deletes from my input tool when I try to edit

7 - Meteor

Cannot edit my query because it deletes each time I go to edit. Even if I just select the input it deletes the query. Has anyone else seen this bug in 11.5?






Hi @mreinsch,


This was a known issue for 11.5. It was fixed in 2018.1 and included in a stable update for 11.7. You can also workaround the issue by opening the workflow in a text editor and adding a semicolon prior to the pipe character separating the connection string from the query string. For example...


Original - odbc:DSN=Connection;UID=user;PWD=__EncPwd1__|Select BLAH.dbo.BLUE.COLUMN, BLAH.dbo.BLUE...


Revised - odbc:DSN=Connection;UID=user;PWD=__EncPwd1__;|Select BLAH.dbo.BLUE.COLUMN, BLAH.dbo.BLUE...


Please let me know if this helps.


Jerad Rades

Sr. Customer Support Engineer