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Parse a specific text from a string

7 - Meteor

Hi folks,


I'm trying to parse a particular part of a wider string at the minute and running into a blocker (Mostly I think because I can't wrap my head around RegEx).


I have a file format that is setup as;


Z:\Projects\Test Zone UK18-0001\additionalfiles.txt

Z:\Projects\US18-0041 Gibberish\additionalfiles.txt



and the such.


What I want to pick up on is the UK18-0001/US18-0041 section of this. I've tried Text to columns but the main problem is that the folks who manage this file structure do not keep to the same format everytime. But they do include the code for the project, so I want to extract that so I can just have a table of them.


How on Earth would I do this? 


Any suggestions would be grand.





12 - Quasar

Hi, if the text you would like to extract is always in the same format, I would suggest using Regex tool: