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One dot and delimiter joined and want to separate text from right side.

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Hello Trixians,

i have a Colm1 and want colm2 and colm3 (Requirement)

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but the result I am getting with the configuration in below:



Any help Or suggestion! 

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Hi @subhajits11 ,


this is a case of text to columns using multiple delimiters.

Try this thread, there are many different methods there:


Hope this helps,



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Hi, @subhajits11 


Try this.

step1. seed tag, where tag = Replace([Colm 1], '.,', '*')

step2. parse, text to columns, on the tag (which is * in this instance)

step3. select tool


Please mark as an acceptable solution + like, if it works for you.




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Hello @RobertOdera  ,

Perfect and thanks, the main trick was lying here.

Replace([Colm 1], '.,', '*')


and other visitors interested in the text to columns tools, do not miss out on @mceleavey 's comment, that link has very useful and helpful information.

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You're most welcome @subhajits11