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Alteryx Community Team
Alteryx Community Team

We love helping users be successful with Alteryx, and this means providing a ton of great resources for getting started, learning more, and keeping you up to date with all the amazing stuff we're doing here at Alteryx… and the most compelling is Predictive!


Check out the Predictive District on the Gallery. There are great macros, apps, and sample workflows to demonstrate some nifty new tools.  This post by DrDan on the Analytics Blog gives an overview of what's currently available – stay tuned for additions!


One of my favorites is the Predictive Analytics Starter Kit Volume 1.  It enables you to learn the fundamentals of key predictive models with an interactive guided experience. Examples include Linear Regression, Logistic Regression, and AB Testing, and demonstrates the steps necessary to develop the dataset needed for analysis, and then how to actually build these predictive models yourself.


With v10.6, we introduced the Prescriptive Tool Category, comprising the Optimization and Simulation tools, to assist with determining the best course of action or outcome for a particular situation or set of scenarios. The Engine Works Blog has an introduction to this toolset, plus an extensive use case demonstration.


If you need more Optimization and Simulation action, there are several sample workflows, including Fantasy Sports Lineups (hey, sports fans – blog post here!), a mixing problem, workforce scheduling, and more!


Speaking of use cases, the software itself contains a plethora of predictive sample workflows - and the installed Starter Kits show up here, too!  Help > Sample Workflows > Predictive Analytics.


Of course, don't forget the Predictive Analytics help pages, for overviews and configuration tips.


Visit our Product Training page for On-Demand and Virtual webinars on everything Predictive – regression modelling, cluster analysis, time series…  As always, please begin with Data Prep and Investigation! Can I mention the Field Summary Tool enough times?


Want to show off the interactive visualizations from the models you've built?   This Knowledge Base post shows you how.   Another Engine Works post outlines how to build your own Custom Interactive Visualizations (Part 1 and counting…)


For the most in-depth, resource-rich training on leveraging predictive analytics to answer your business questions, consider the Udacity Predictive Analytics for Business NanoDegree.  It consists of seven courses focused on selecting the right methodology, data preparation, and data visualization as well as four courses that will equip you to use predictive analytics to answer your business problems.


But really, it all starts with the Community. Cruise the Knowledge Base posts, search for Predictive or other favorite keywords, follow the blogs… and for the love of Ned, just play with the software!  It's how we learn 🙂


Happy Alteryx-ing!