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New user Interface Tool: Grid system to update database data

Hello. While working at my company it has come up a few times that An Interface tool that acts like a standard "grid" would be extremely helpful.  


This tool would allow users to update data that has a logical link to each-other like a stanard "row".  Below are a few very simple examples where this would be extremely helpful.



#1) An application is being used as a file System ETL that has an interface that allows users to select what data to pull from a flat file and store in a database.  The users can pick which 'columns' to keep by choosing the following information.  The column name, type, and final database location of that column. 


In this case a user needs to enter 3 key pieces of field information that have to relate to eachother.  


#2) There is a table in a database that has thresholds for a specific law at the state level. (for Example: All loans in Florida must have a loan balance < 300k).  However these laws can be updated, and the end users want the ability to #1: See the data, and then #2: Update it if the laws have changed.


A grid in this case would be perfect, as they could query the data to see the 50 states and specified limits, and then change the data in the "limits" column in order to update the database.



The previous 2 examples are pretty simple examples, but I have run into this request a few times from my personal experience, so figured I would see what everyone thought!




11 - Bolide

I can't believe this only has 1 (now 2) stars! This idea can be simply described as a "Text Input Interface Tool". Any use case for the Text Input tool could be a use case for needing a similar input for an app user. If you make it friendly with Excel (such that one could copy and paste a block of cells from Excel into this new interface tool) then it could be really powerful. My company just tossed-out an Analytic App idea today due to this and other App Interface limitations.

8 - Asteroid

I can see how this would be difficult to create, but I'm going to have to use Excel (gasp!) to complete a step of a multi step process --- it would be nice to use Alteryx for all of it, rather than starting, stepping out, and finishing.

9 - Comet

I'm looking for some kind of grid control to populate an adjustments table.