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Macro Fork instead of Detour?

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I have seen variations of this question, but none seemed to match my use case. I have a macro with several tool containers. I have a dedicated check box for each container to activate one or more by the calling workflow. Within each container I would like to perform a set of steps and then either follow one branch to check for exceptions or a second branch to perform the standard workflow. Ideally, I would have a single check box to either check for exceptions or else run the standard workflow. However, if I check the box to check exceptions, I only want it applied to the containers checked to activate.

I tried using a Detour within each container. However, there is no logical way to bring the two branches back together with an End Detour. Without an End Detour, it is erring out.


Does anyone know if I nest a container for exceptions will it only activate if the container that surrounds it is activated? My impression is no, so I haven’t expended the effort to try it. For example, if I have 10 containers and select 1, I don’t what the exception branch to activate and run for all 10.


Thanks for any advice,

11 - Bolide
11 - Bolide

Hi @KOBoyle,


Let's test this theory, example workflow is here - nested containers:



First thing i noticed is this, not very intuitive but at least systematic




The nesting works as expecting - children containers carry the setup of their respective parents, for example:


1) no selection should produce all files (let all containers work) - works as expected



2) first master contained selected, so there are no files for any of the children containers, master container: 'two' allows both children run fine



Please rename extension of the workflow from 'yxmd' to 'yxwz' - the latter didn't want to be attached to this post (strange!).


Hope this helps?





#Excuse me, do you speak Alteryx?

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I was hoping to avoid that proliferation of check boxes (i.e 3x per container). I'm aiming for selections like below. I expect the number of containers to grow to 10-20, but would like to have a single check box to Find Exceptions and have it apply to selected containers, but not all containers.



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11 - Bolide

What about Tree tool - it's one of my favourites and the way it handles interactions of what is selected, how it propagates to relative layers etc. is second to none.


The input data set i pretty tricky to get right and takes time, but once you crack it it's pretty intuitive and very systematic above all, for example with 4 layers presented below the upper most node: FOOD is referenced as '01' (i use 2 digits to allow more than 9 options per layer), whereas FROZEN MEAT&POULTRY (71) is '01010101', Core Chilled is '010102' etc..


I think when you represent your checking options in this manner, this may work well?



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I appreciate the suggestions, but they don't quite fit the use case. I decided to have two macros, one to process exceptions and one to do the main process.