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JDBC Connection

6 - Meteoroid

Has anyone tried connecting to Splice Machine via a JDBC connection?

7 - Meteor

It doesn't look like Alteryx is currently planning to implement these connections:

8 - Asteroid

I realize this is and older post but our organization is using In-DB tools to read from Splice. The standard input tools generated an generic error. The In-DB has provided a workaround that error. 

5 - Atom

Hi, can you please give a little more detail? my company only has jdbc connections but I need to connect to in-database.

8 - Asteroid

Hi @nyoka .. i can try.. We have a Splice Machine ODBC driver configured  (link:


..but this would not work correctly with the standard input tools. We rec'd a generic error. But we found that if we use the In-DB tools, it would read/write the data correctly. In the Workflow we have the In-DB Connect, Select, & Data Stream Out



For the In-DB Connect, from the Connection Name drop down, you have to configure a new Connection using the ODBC driver. We used Generic ODBC


Then you should be able to select your table or write you SQL 


I'm not sure why, but with the In DB Stream Out, we had to choose at least one field to sort by for it to work. 



Not sure if you have the ability to configure an ODBC connection for you situation but this is what we got to work for Splice Machine.