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Is it possible to output data to one data file incrementally?

6 - Meteoroid
I have data which will be loaded into alteryx incrementally (with data from the previous day).

However after some transformations within alteryx, I would like to output this data to append a qvx which contains all historical data.

For example, it’s Day 4 so I load the data for Day 3 in Alteryx. Run the workflow and I would like to end up with a qvx where Day 3 has been appended to an existing qvx which already contains Day 1 and Day 2.

Is this possible?
Alteryx Certified Partner
Alteryx Certified Partner

Hi @Ns89 


Yes, it is possible.

Something like this might suit your needs:


Basically you have one stream where all your transformation is and a second one which is going to be the previous day historical output.

After you union these two datastreams, you put a Block Until Done tool so you can write to the same historical input used.


The Block Until Done tool plays a big role here because it holds the process back so you can write to the same file you're reading as an Input with no errors.



6 - Meteoroid
Of course, use main file as input and union.