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Interpretation of MSSQL VARCHAR as V_String

Hi all,


Within the last days I was confronted with a problem in a production workflow, which was not working as expected. The main problem was, that the input tool was collecting data from a MSSQL database, but some parts of the strings disappeared on the way.


One column was specified as a VARCHAR and contained some special characters (e.g. '…', not '...'). The input tool now drops all characters which are not included in the Latin-1 table, but this does not seem to be a good behaviour from my perspective. This is not the case for NVARCHAR fields, they are automatically imported as V_WString, which contains those special characters.


The solution was to just cast in the SQL query (redesign of the database layout would also work). Shouldn't this be solved a little easier, or are there good reasons to force using a V_String?


Best regards