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Input multiples xlsm files

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I'm trying to open several xlsm files from a directory but I can't find a way to do so.


I now it's easy for xslx files but that xlsm format bother me. 


Those files contains multiples sheets but I only am interested in one sheet (named "Output")


I'm looking for a way so I wouldn't have to manually convert the files type to the xlsx format


Is there a way to do so?





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Fixed x)


Simply with replacing the file name in the input tool by *.xlsm and then after choosing the table

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Hi @Hakimipous,


for your problem, actually Alteryx can open several xlsm data files in one time. but in order for you to do so, you need to follow this instruction:-

1- Each files should have same name (Eg: test1, test2, test3)

2- Connect the first file with alteryx using input tools as usual and locate the sheet you want to select.

(Eg: file-test1, sheet-Output )

3- After you select the first file, you change the location at Connect a File or Database from test1 to test*

4- then hit run o see the result.

This way, you does not need to change your file format. Just make sure the name is same by adding 1,2,3 at the end of the file name. Hope this solution may help you.

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Thanks ! I'll try this one too