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Input Data from Excel - There were Errors: Input Data (4): Corrupt File: XML parse failure

15 - Aurora

Hi Robert,


The app attached to this post (specify excel range in input tool.yxwz) does what you describe. It's the same app I attached two posts ago where I explained the formula


Replace([#1],"$", "$A7:AT") for the Action Tool.


It's also pretty close to your app.


You do have to select an input filename for the input tool when you set up your workflow. It's just a placeholder and at run-time the action tool updates the filename variable in the input tool with the value obtained from the file browse tool and loads that file.


When you choose your file with "Select your Excel file", the app also asks you to specify a Sheet. You have to select Sheet1 (or whatever Sheet you want to load). The formula in the Action Tool then inserts the range A7:AT into that filename with the Sheet name specified before it is sent to the input file to ensure that only the specified range is loaded. If you select List of Sheet Names, the formula as it is currently written won't work.


I don't think the dynamic input tool is the way to go here, as the normal input tool does what you need.

8 - Asteroid

You, sir, are a gentleman and a scholar.  I appreciate your patience in working with me.  Hopefully, others will benefit from this thread.  I know I have!

15 - Aurora

You're very welcome. This is what the Community is for.