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Improved error messaging on the download tool

Hi there,


We often get the following error message from the download tool 

"00:00:23.555 - Error - ToolId 106: Error in libCURL: You have found a bug.  Replicate, then let us know.  We shall fix it soon."


Unfortunately this seems to be a transient error so we've not been able to replicate this in a useful & repeatable way.  However - we see this happening at least a few times per week on one of our servers, so this is a continuing issue.


Please could you provide more detailed error messaging on the download tool so that this error can be debugged and/or replicated?


Many thanks


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14 - Magnetar
14 - Magnetar

Received the same largely unhelpful message on a process using Run Command, also with varying consistency in repeatability, so would love to extend this to tools with that message in addition to the Download tool!