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How to retrieve the Client_ID and Secret_code from the Google account, to be used with the Alteryx Google Sheets connectors

How to retrieve the Client_ID and Secret_code from the Google account, to be used with the Alteryx GoogleSheets connectors.

To download the Google Sheets Tool:Click here

Google sheets tool has 2 options of login:
1)    Using email and password:

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•    By clicking this button, it redirects user to a pop-up window
•    Enter email and password and list of Spreadsheet should be shown;

2)    By clicking Checkbox “Optional OAuth2 Overrides” appears 2 fields:
a.    Client ID
b.    Client Secret

Getting Client ID and Client Secret:

Go to

Select corresponding project and click tab “Credentials”.  

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Click “Create Credentials”:
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Select Options OAuth client ID:

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Select “Others” and name application:
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In the pop-up window you will be given Client ID and Client Secret which you can use in the tool.
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Be careful with selection application type:
Web applications’ Client ID and Secret won’t work for Google Sheets Tool.
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The following error will be thrown if Web application type will be used:
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After Entering Client ID and Secret, user should enter email and password.

If Application API isn’t verified by Google yet, proceed with using this link:

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Allow in the pop-up window all requested accesses.  

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Good to know:
OAuth rate limits
Your user app
The user cap limits the number of users that can grant permission to your app when requesting unapproved sensitive or restricted scopes. The user cap applies over the entire lifetime of the project, and it cannot be reset or changed. Verified apps will still display the user cap on this page, but the user cap does not apply if you are requesting only approved sensitive or restricted scopes. If your users are seeing the "unverified app " screen , it is because your OAuth request includes additional scopes that haven't been approved.
How to check verification status and modify your application:
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1.    Click “OAuth consent screen”;
2.    Click “Edit app”;
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