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How to replace field values from a column with values from a different column

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I’m very new to Alteryx so I hope this makes sense.


I use an Excel file as my Input Data for my workflow and I need to rename values in the [Account] column with values in a [Parent Account] column.


My workflow is good but I received a new requirement. I need to rollup Account data to it’s Parent Account but only for certain Account records.


Not every [Account] has a [Parent Account]. And, I only need about a dozen [Parent Account] names copied/replaced in the [Account] field.



If [Parent Account] is  'Master Store3' THEN copy value that's in [Parent Account] to [Account].

If [Parent Account] is  'Master Corp 2' THEN copy value that's in [Parent Account] to [Account].

I attached an example of my excel file.



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You can use the Formula tool to replace the contents of one column with those of another.


See the attached workflow for an example.

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Welcome to the community @spro!


@DavidxL's solution looks good. 


Just thought I'd tag on that this article by @AndrewL that was helpful to me when I was getting started:

Join vs Union


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Hi @davidxl, your solution is total awesomeness!!! I applied it to my workflow and now my report is complete! Thank you so much!!!!