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How to let User select a listbox inside a Macro?

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Hello everyone,

a Tricky question.

I have a Macro and user should select  a list box but i can not show it to the user while i use it inside of an App.




Alteryx Certified Partner

Hi @MostafaBouzari ,


You use the list box to select a value which updates a field in the main body of the workflow. You then feed that value into the macro as a control parameter. 

In the macro, replace the list box with a control parameter and have it update the value in the same way. Save the macro, go into a workflow, add the macro, create a field, via a text input or from your input data etc. Now add the list box functionality here to update the value and map it to the macro by selecting that field as the control parameter.

You will now have an analytic app with an embedded macro. 


Hope this helps,