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Grouping data, repeating formula on each and combining output

5 - Atom



Hoping I can get my question explained! I would like to 

1) Group data

2) Run same formula on all groups (with only building it once and having various inputs {based on grouped data})

3) Combine findings in 1 output


As an example: 

Group                    Value            Time

a                              3                   10

b                              5                    8

a                              8                    9

a                              9                    12

b                             11                   11

c                              7                     12


Wanted: Group (auto allocate the groups based on info contained), median of values, top quartile of time, add column "outcome" with median x top quartile



Group           Median   Top Quartile    Outcome

a                      ....                ....                 ...

b                      ....                ....                 ...

c                     .....                 ...                  ...



Alteryx Certified Partner
Alteryx Certified Partner

Some pointers, I'll let you investigate and then post a fuller answer if the pointers don't help:


  • I would suggest using a Summarise Tool to Group the data and calculate the median and quartile (percentile at 75%)


  • Then using a formula tool to calculate your latter Outcome column


Have fun,



5 - Atom

Thanks Chris for the reply. It's amazing just thinking about it simpler...


I did a very simple example (in contrast to the really complicated file I'm nusy with), but your suggestion also made me apply a simple solution rather than the complicated one I had previously with multiple filters....