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Get file using Shapoint List Input

6 - Meteoroid

Hello guys,


I would like to get a file from sharepoint...


What i have done until now it to connect using a sharepoint URL , https://central_sharepoint/sites/1 with a username and password.


When i did this i can choose a list and as a view  'all items'..


The problem here is that i want to get a specific document that it is inside a folder and i do not know how can i have access there..


So i would like the url something like https://central_sharepoint/sites/1/Shared Documents/Project A and inside it is the file i would like to parse... 


Any idea how can i do this??

12 - Quasar
6 - Meteoroid



Yes i have seen this,i did all the steps but with no success..


I take an error, file not found....


I am using the input tool and then a browse..

However if i took the same file path into file explorer i get the file i want in the browser..


Any idea?