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From Alteryx to Powerbi :-)

7 - Meteor

Hello guys !

I was wondering what would be the best format files to export from Alteryx to Power BI? I'm using the basic Power BI desktop version. I don't want to export neither to a file format that includes delimiters (like .csv for example), nor to an Excel file format (due to the line limit). That's why I'm looking for a .tde file format equivalent. Any advice?



Alteryx Partner

Hi Jéremie,


I'm also a Tableau user and can relate to your issue. 


From the list of possible outputs in Alteryx and considering you don't want delimiters my guess would be .mdb:



That said, I'm not really an expert on this matter and can't seem to be able to find a straight answer in the PowerBI forums.


Hope this helps. If you give it a go let me know how that goes!




7 - Meteor
Hey Diego! Thank you for your time! I haven't find a solution neither on the Alteryx forum nor on the PowerBI one. So I'll try your idea, hoping the microsoft access database doesn't have some limitation! Thanks again! Have a great weekend, Jérémie