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Find license key

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Somehow not solved - My yxlc file does not have license key. It has

1. UserName

2. Serial Number (Appearing right on the Manage License window)

3. Expiration date

4. Seat GUID


There's no where license key and Alteryx gallary for installing upgrades is not allowing me to log in without the license key!!!

Alteryx Community Team
Alteryx Community Team



Apologize for such a late response. If you are using Alteryx versions prior to version 11.8, you will need to reach out to your Alteryx license admin of your company to get your license. If you are using version 11.8 and newer you should receive a new license on your first time upgrading to one of these newer versions from your license administrator. If you have not received a new license from your administrator when upgrading from 11.7 or earlier to any version 11.8 and greater, you will have to reach out to them for the new license. If for any reason you have issues with the license please reach out to




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you can try keyGetter , found it to be the best recovery site