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FINDER 3.0 - Search all your workflows contents for keywords, tools, inputs, outputs etc

6 - Meteoroid

I agree with previous replies, this is a GREAT tool! I'm such a newb, I had to ask Alteryx support for help, I had to re-download and start from scratch.


So... as a newb, I'm just wondering why you didn't replace the question tool with the tool mentioned and re-upload?


Thx again!

11 - Bolide



Basically it is pain in the arse to package up nested macros with relative paths so I have not made the effort to fix it for the community. It works on my machine :)

Alteryx Certified Partner

I would love a workflow that does the exact things you listed, with one addition, I'd also like to list the macros in each workflow.

6 - Meteoroid

can you use this on your gallery?