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Extract Names and Emails From String

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I have a long list of unstructured data. In the first instance I need to extract the email addresses that are populated into a new column.


After using a text to column with Space as the delimiter I tried the following - IF Contains('@', [MAILING / BANKING INSTRUCTIONS1]) THEN [MAILING / BANKING INSTRUCTIONS1] ELSE "" ENDIF. But that didn't work...


Where an email is not contained I also need to extract the names from the list. Can anyone suggest the easiest way to achieve this?


I'd greatly appreciate any help that is out there!



Alteryx Certified Partner
Alteryx Certified Partner

@JonathanSidebottom ,


I'm posting a video to youtube for you 


Here's a workflow that uses this formula within a RegEx tool (config as PARSE)



Hopefully, this solves your challenge.





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12 - Quasar

it looks like your contains formula is flipped, it should be contains([fieldName],'string you are looking for'), but if you are also trying to filter out names, then you can maybe look at the case structure of the words using regex. also, the contains may not work, because the first record is actually saying two people work @ a business (as far as i read that). so you might want to resort to regex there as well.


So all in all, you can do something like:

email field - regex_replace([contacts],'.*?\s*([a-z0-9\.-]+@[a-z\.-]+)*[),]*\s*.*','$1')  


then come back through and filter those results and apply another regex function to find names:




8 - Asteroid

Thanks @MarqueeCrew  that is awesome. 


I'm guessing that trying to extract the names from the list isn't feasible. Far too many variables to parse en masse?


Thanks again