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Error in Inserting Data into Hive table using Output tool, but Hive input is successful

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Good day,



I have a workflow where I need to read a Hive Table as a lookup and output some results into another Hive table (both already exists).

I don't have issue in the reading (using Input Tool) a Hive Table.

But when it comes to load my result into Hive (using Output Tool), I got a Connection Refused issue.


"Error: Output Data (29): DataWrap2ODBC::SendBatch: [MapR][Hardy] (35) Error from server: error code: '1' error message: 'Error while processing statement: FAILED: Execution Error, return code 1 from Call From node1/<ip> to node1:<port> failed on connection exception: Connection refused; For more details see:'."


May I ask if what may caused this connection refused issue, which I did not encounter during the reading (Input Tool) a Hive Table?




HI @Reijay


Do you get the same error if you write to a Hive table with out inputting data from Hive? I would recommend adding a block until done tool before you output to the Hive table so that all of the data is input into Alteryx before trying to push data back into Hive.

Jake Samuels

Technical Product Manager
Alteryx, Inc.