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Error: Failed to get username: Unspecified GSS failure: Minor code may provide more information


Environment Details

  • Alteryx Designer
    • all versions
  • Simba Hive ODBC Driver with DSN configured
  • Hadoop is Active Directory Kerberos (Kerberos SSPI) enabled
User is attempting to connect to Hadoop Hive with Active Directory Kerberos (Kerberos SSPI) in Alteryx and getting an error: 
[Simba][Support] (50363): Failed to get username: Routine Error:
Unspecified GSS failure. Minor code may provide more information
Mechanism Info:
Unknown code 0
Major: 851968 Minor: 100001 

The test button in the ODBC DSN is successful. 


Alteryx cannot find the username, so the login fails.


Solution A: Check "Use only SSPI" in the DSN

  1. Go to the Windows ODBC Data Source Administrator 
  2. Find the ODBC DSN (Data Source Name) being used in Alteryx
  3. Double click the DSN to open it for editing 
  4. Go to "Advanced Options..." 
  5. Check the "Use only SSPI" checkbox
  6. Restart Alteryx and try connecting again
  7. In some cases this may still not be sufficient for Alteryx to be able to find the Username. In that case proceed to Solution B
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Solution B: Check "Use only SSPI" in the Driver Config

  1. Confirm the driver version is 2.6.8. It may need to be upgraded. Reach out to customer support if you need help acquiring an installer for the correct version. 
  2. Browse to the /lib folder in the install directory (typically, this is: C:\Program Files\Simba Hive ODBC Driver\lib)
  3. Double click on the DriverConfiguration64.exe file to open the driver configuration editor
    • Note: this edits global settings for all DSNs that use this driver
  4. Go to "Advanced Options..."
  5. Check the "Use only SSPI" checkbox
  6. Restart Alteryx and try connecting again
  7. You may have to restart the machine to make sure the edits are applied 
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