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Dynamic field name in multi-field tool

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I want to be able to use this kind of logic in the multi-field tool: Expression of [_CurrentField_]-['SOURCE_2_'+[_CurrentFieldName_]]


I am comparing values for a single field from two data sources. After joining the two data sources, I want to be able to use a multi-field tool to iterate over all Source_1 columns needing the comparison to Source_2 expression above. This is WAY easier than writing hundreds of


Source_1_Sales - Source_2_Sales

Source_2_Orders - Source_2_Orders



In the formula tool.


I know you can get this done w/ transpose-summarize, I just feel like this shouldn't be that hard to do with a multi-field tool.


I've attached a mock up.



Alteryx Certified Partner
Alteryx Certified Partner

I think you've come to the answer yourself.


It's not possible with the multi-field formula tool, so yes I would advise transposing. 


You could create a batch macro with a multi-field formula tool, but again, that doesn't solve the 'it should be simpler' problem!



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Hi @BenMoss and @dmccandless,


Could you please share the alternative solution - how would you transpose/summarize this? I was also hoping to use the Multi-field tool for this issue, but reading your thread, I understand that's not possible. The only alternative I thought of is using the standard formula tool. I hadn't thought to transpose/summarize and I am curious how you guys would use transpose/summarize.


Thanks in advance. 

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I didn't pursue the transpose-summarize solution, sorry.