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Driver packs

Database driver versions are a constant trauma for the admin team and for our Designer users.   We have situations where drivers are different between two peers who are working on the same flow, or where the flow breaks as soon as it's posted to the gallery etc.


What would really help is if Alteryx were able to create a driver pack (working with the major vendors), which contains the latest version of the major database drivers.    We could then roll this out to all the designer & server machines to make sure that we have consistency across the user base.


This would need to include:

- DB2


- Mongo

- Sybase

- Postgress

- Apache Kudu / Spark

Plus a few others, I'm sure


This is a pain for Alteryx to do this centrally, I know, but it's orders of magnitude less painful than having to do this manually (by searching for the latest drivers on every manufacturer's sites) on every designer workstation across the firm.


16 - Nebula
16 - Nebula

Checking the site; - it would be a big help if we could add the latest driver version and a link to the download onto this page. 


That would at least allow us to build our own alteryx job to pull down drivers while the central Driver Pack idea is being worked through.

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12 - Quasar
12 - Quasar

even for single instances, making sure you have the correct drivers is a pain. And many of the driver download sites are not organized well, so it's tough to figure out what you need to install anyway. I've "guessed and checked" many times to get the correct drivers in place - wish i didn't have to do that.