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Drag a Worflow tab out of Alteryx to open another Alteryx Window



With multiple Workflows open, I'd like to be able to grab one of the Workflow tabs and drag it out on to the desktop.  This act would then cause a new Alteryx Window to open up with the Workflow that was pulled out.  Just like when you have multiple tabs open in I.E. and you drag a tab out and drop it on the desktop - you end up getting another I.E. opened up and the tab you dragged out is in the newly opened I.E.


This would be handy because I'm often wanting to copy/paste tools, formulas, etc. and it would be nice to do that w/o flipping from one tab to another.


I know I can right-click and open another Alteryx but when opening several - they all open in the same one.





5 - Atom

Yeap - wanted to see if this can be done. A response would be highly appreciated.

7 - Meteor

That would speed up development when you are reusing processes from previously existing workflows but need to tweak things once in the new workflow -- you'd have the old one open for reference without having to switch tabs and lose focus on tool configuration windows.

5 - Atom

Yes please!