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Download multiple files from Google Drive

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Hi all experts, just wondering have anyone successfully building a workflow to achieve the following? 


1. Read files' name in from Google Drive.

2. Cross-check which files not yet processed from local folder. 

3. Then proceed to download those not process file into the workflow for next steps.


If anyone had successfully achieve this kindly, share some thoughts on how to do it.  


Thank you very much in advance. 





Are you using Google Drive Sync?  If so you will see your files in a standard File Explorer box.  You should be able to point the directory tool to that folder to load files names, and the Dynamic Input to open in Alteryx in batch.  Checking whether they have been processed depends on how you check for that.  If it is by name or date, then easy, just filter those out.  If if has to do with what is in the data itself, then you would need to use a batch macro to check each file, and output the file name of those that are 'unprocessed'.


You can use the Dynamic Edit to point to a template, and check the box to include the file path so you know what to keep.  Once you have the ones you want filtered out, use the Dynamic Input again with those file names and run them through the process.  A batch macro is a great way to do these so it keeps all the files separate.

Scott Jones
Strategic Sales Engineer
Alteryx, Inc.